Solar Water Pumping

Pumping water with solar electricity is a natural fit because water is needed most when and where the sun shines the brightest. Solar electricity can be used to pump water to a storage tank from a deep well, open pond, or river, replacing the need for a generator or a hand-powered pump. Solar water pumps, which are typically used to supply water for irrigation of small crops, and drinking water for villages, health centers, and schools, are able to affordably deliver a usable quantity of water with no fuel cost and little maintenance.

• Low or no maintenance
• Inexpensive, no diesel fuel
• Simple: Runs whenever the sun is out
• Protects the environment

Khmer Solar has systems for both Low water use customers and High water use customers:

Low water needs: Health Centers, Schools, Houses 1-5 cubic meters per day

shurflow 9300

The solution to your remote water pumping needs. This pump is rugged, durable and built to last. The 9300 delivers a steady 422 Liters Per Hour at its maximum depth of 70 meters when supplied with 24 VDC. Great for irrigation, pond areation, remote homes, health centers and schools.

Lorentz Pumps, for customers who have large water needs (from 3 to 80 cubic meters per hour)

Lorentz Pumps

Lorentz pumps are made in Germany

• Schools
• Hotels
• Military
• Agriculture
• Farms

• Quality engineering
• Deep wells over 400 Meters deep!
• Simple design
• Long life, stainless steel design
• Efficient, minimal solar requirements to operate
• Max capacity: 80 cubic meters per hour

Khmer Solar - Water pump