Solar Panels

Pumping water with solar electricity is a natural fit because water is needed most when and where the sun shines the brightest. Solar pumps require no fuel and require little maintenance.

Water can be pumped to a storage tank from a well, pond, or river and replace the need for a generator or hand-powered pump. Solar water pumps are typically used to supply water for crop irrigation and drinking water for villages, health centers, and schools.

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Franklin Electric is an American motor and pump manufacturer known worldwide for commitment to quality.

Pump components are able to withstand the harshest environments and provide superior performance.

•  ANSI/NSF 61 classified (drinking water safe)

•  ANSI/UL 778 recognized (US motor standards)

•  CSA 108 certified (Canadian motor standards)

You may find AIM manuals, motor curves, product information, and Franklin AID issues online at

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Lorentz solar water pumps deliver water to people, livestock and crops using the power of the sun. Visit for more information.

Irrigate crops without the need for grid power or cost of running generators. Pump water for drinking, cooking and sanitation in and around the home. Deliver water economically even in the most remote areas.

Keep operational costs low while delivering water to communities with local energy.

We offer solar pumps for almost any application with all of the necessary accessories up to 40kW.

Deliver water dependably even in the most remote areas with top German engineering.

•  CE certificate of conformity: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

•  ISO9001 certified facilities

•  Safety standards compliance under Technischer Uberwachungsverein

Lorentz submersible pumps

Lorentz surface pumps

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