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Khmer Solar is the exclusive regional distributor for Sealite, the manufacturer of a range of Solar Navigation and Tower Lights. Solar Navigation Lights allow regional governments to provide safe navigation in rivers and ports, whilst Solar Tower Lights allow telecommunications companies to comply with government regulations on communication towers. These self-contained Sealite products are long-lasting, maintenance-free, and very simple to install.

1 Mile Lanterns: Sealite SL15 - Click to View SL15

Sealite SL15

The SL15 1 mile LED compact lantern is designed to be maintenance-free and have a service life of over 5 years. The unit uses 4 ultra-high intensity LEDs as a light source, and is made entirely from tough U.V. stabilized polycarbonate, making it ideal for aquaculture, hazard & perimeter marking, or transport/railway use.

2 Mile Lanterns: Sealite SL60 & SL70 - Click to View SL60 Click to View SL70

sealite SL60 & SL70

The SL60 & SL70 lanterns are the most advanced and versatile compact marine lanterns available. Both have over 250 flash characters, adjustable on-site by the user. The units also boast a completely sealed battery compartment, which enables the battery to be changed after years of service. The SL70 unit excels in its ability to operate reliably in low-sunlight conditions, through the use of the Sealite solar collection lens, and dual high-performance solar modules - tilted to face the sun.

5-7 Mile Lanterns: Sealite SL125 - Click to View SL125

Sealite SL125

The SL125 lantern offers a maintenance-free approach to longer-range navigation requirements. Made from tough U.V. stabilized polycarbonate, and using tiers of 36 ultra-high intensity LEDs as a light source, the SL125 model lantern is used by both private users and government agencies worldwide. The lantern is available with up to 3 LED tiers for increased intensity. The unit is also available as a complete assembly (SL125/C) - incorporating large 16watt adjustable solar modules and a 24ah battery in a heavy-duty design.

Other Sealite Products

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As the exclusive regional distributor of Sealite, Khmer Solar offers the full range of Sealite products. For more product information, please contact us or refer to the Sealite website at www.sealite.com.au.