Hot Water System

hot water system

Electric heating of hot water is very expensive and unreliable in Cambodia, and with abundant sunshine, there is no good reason not to use Cambodia’s own resource, the sun!


  • Saves money every month
  • Increases independence
  • Performs well even during the rainy season
  • Appropriate technology for Cambodia
  • Field tested, proven equipment
  • High efficiency


ideal for households, health centers, hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants

For households, small guesthouses and restaurants, Khmer Solar offers solar hot water units that incorporate hot water collector pipes and a storage tank into a single self-contained module. These units come in a variety of sizes, and can be duplicated to obtain the desired capacity level. Storage tanks hold hot water until it is used, even in the middle of the night. Systems should be sized based on how the water is used. If most of the hot water is used during the day, then smaller storage tanks and collectors are needed.

hot water system - khmer solar

solar collector - khmer solar

Khmer Solar hot water system, King Hotel, Battambang, 2011