Street Lights

Khmer Solar provides outdoor lighting solutions ranging from 10W to 80W for various applications. Garden lights, street lights, and floood lights use efficient LED lamps and are simple to install. Integrated garden and street lights use efficient LED lamps and are simple to install. An integrated design combines all solar components to an easily manageable unit that can be mounted on a pole or wall.

Anern factories adopt international standards for strict quality control and have a dedicated R&D team to integrate leading technologies. You can find complete product information at

street light garden light flood light

Home & Office Lights

Khmer Solar provides all types of lighting systems, ranging from small DC lights, to large office lighting systems. Lighting kits, which include all necessary components and come in a variety of sizes, are suitable for primary and back-up use in homes, schools, offices, and health centers.

DC-Powered Energy Saving Lights

DC slighting systems are best suited for small solar electric system running off of a battery, that do not have inverters for AC power. They are more efficient and cost effective for these small systems. The DC lights come in the following sizes:
•  Screw-in Lamp: 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, 20W
•  DC Fluorescent Tube: 10W (Made in Cambodia)

DC power

AC lighting is more cost effective for larger systems and can be connected to a special inverter from Khmer Solar, these lights are available in the following sizes.
•  Screw-in Lamp: 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, 20W
•  Fluorescent Tube: 20W, 40W

AC lighting

AC and DC fluorescent lighting from Khmer Solar

LED lighting
LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is a relatively new type of light source. Some of its advantages over fluorescent are as follows: • longer life (for high quality LEDs, 25,000 hours is typical) • More efficient (better for energy saving) • Durable – less prone to breaking Khmer Solar is stocking several different types of LED lighting. The industry is changing quickly: Ask us for a list of our current models.

LED Lighting